The Easy Way to Sanitize and Stay Safe
We are Clean2go+ a company which keeps you in safe hands.

We are a passionate team who want to help make the world a safer place with our sanitizing solutions. They are innovative and combine modern sleek design with the latest touchless technology to keep you safe when visiting schools, doctors, supermarkets and many more public places


£999.00 ex.VAT

The Clean2go+ aims to make sanitizing as easy and safe as possible.


Clean2go+ Stand


£1,089.99 ex.VAT

The Clean2go+ with Stand aims to provide an easy to use sanitizing system which can be moved wherever it is needed.

Clean2go+ Mini

£599.00 ex.VAT

The most compact product of our range while still providing all the great advantages of our sanitizing stations.

Clean2go+ Compact

£769.99 ex.VAT

Combining sleek, subtle design with advanced infrared sensors making sanitizing smart and easy.

Clean2go+ Basket Sanitization Station

£899.00 ex.VAT

The quickest, easiest and safest way to sanitize your hands and basket before you shop!

Clean2go+ Trolley Sanitization Station

£2,089.99 ex.VAT

The Clean2go+ Trolley Sanitization Station gives confidence back to the consumer that they are in safe hands when in the supermarket.

Clean2go+ Turnstile System

The entry system designed to let people in and keep COVID out.