Clean2go+ Turnstile System

Our latest defence in the war on Covid – meet our Clean2go+ Turnstile System – perfect for cinemas, stadiums, theatres, schools, airports, supermarkets, in fact everywhere where you want to make sure everybody sanitizes before they enter!

Product information

  • No entry until hands are sanitized
  • No run-off due to built in run off system
  • Refillable bulk hand sanitizer dispenser
  • 5L Container = 5000 uses
  • 0.4p per use of the Clean2go+
  • Fully automatic 100% Hands free operation – No cross contamination
  • Light indicator to show level of sanitizer liquid
  • Durable, rust proof stainless steel exterior
  • Advanced infrared sensors
  • Weatherproof
  • No batteries needed
  • Environmentally friendly – zero plastic waste as containers are refillable
  • Fully brandable