The Clean2go+ aims to make sanitizing as easy and safe as possible. The Clean2go+ light will be green when it is ready to be used. Infrared sensors will detect your hands before spraying both sides. Remove hands from the holes and you are now Clean2go.

Product information

  • Refillable bulk hand sanitizer dispenser
  • Wall-Mounted with secure backing plate
  • 5L Container = 5000 uses
  • 0.8p per use of the Clean2go+
  • Fully automatic 100% Hands free operation – No cross contamination
  • Light indicator to show level of sanitizer liquid
  • Durable, rust proof stainless steel exterior
  • Advanced infrared sensors
  • Weatherproof
  • No batteries needed
  • Environmentally friendly – zero plastic waste as containers are refillable

£999.00 ex.VAT